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How to Buy an Engagement Ring in 5 Simple Steps

How to Buy an Engagement Ring in 5 Simple Steps


Finding an engagement ring can be an overwhelming process, from finding the perfect stone to making sure you get it at the best price. It is normal for people to either be completely overwhelmed with what type of diamond or gemstone to choose from and how much will it cost them in general; others know exactly their budget but don't understand which stones are worth spending more on than another. Our most accepted recommendation to buy your engagement ring begins by first identifying your overall aesthetic style then proceeding with these 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Finding your style

You may ask yourself, how to find your partner's dream ring without their knowing? Easy! Ask your partner's BFFs, check your partner's Socials Saved posts (Pinterest and Instagram are the ones to go for). But our favorite one is looking for inspiration on your partner's jewelry stash because here is where you will find the actual size of your engagement ring. These are not the only ways of finding your partner's dream ring, you may also want to add your style because, at the end of the day, your partner will be holding a gift preciously selected by you. Once you have an idea save your screenshots for Step 5.

Step 2: Select the setting

At this step you will decide between the metal preference and style. Once you have narrowed down your partner's aesthetic style, choosing your setting style will be much easier. The most common setting styles are the following:

  • Minimalist Taste: Solitaire or Bezel Settings
  • Vintage Lovers: Three Stone or Old-World Settings
  • Romantic and Glamorous: Halo or Morganite Settings

Deciding on the perfect metal look will enhance its feeling. If you are looking for a delicate and romantic touch you might want to prefer Rose Gold. If you are looking for a traditional look, Yellow Gold is your option to go for. And if you are looking for a more modern aesthetic style, you may want to choose from White Gold or Platinum. On a side note, you may also combine the metals to have a unique engagement ring style.

Step 3: Center Stone

It is important to understand the basics of diamond buying (known as the 4C's). The components of Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight give the diamond its unique beauty and durable structure. Here is a quick description of the diamond 4C's:

  • Cut: The most important C. This is the shape of your stone that will give you that sparkle. Find Cut samples here.
  • Clarity: This C indicates how many inclusions and blemishes are found in the stone. You are looking for a diamond that contains imperfections not visible to the naked eye. The lowest one you can go to is an SI1 and you will still have an eye-perfect stone.
  • Color: This C refers to the presence of color in a diamond. Most people are looking for a colorless diamond. 
  • Carat: This C is the measure of a diamond's weight (size). Because every stone is cut differently, two diamonds of equal weight can appear different in size.

Gemstones: If you are not in the market for a diamond, you may want to look into colored stones such as sapphires that come in many colors. 

Step 4: Budget

This is the time to let go of how much an engagement ring should cost, meaning forget the three months’ worth of your salary "rule of thumb". Typically, a ring’s cost comprises Center Stone, Setting, and Accent stones (if any). Our advice is to invest in your engagement ring within your means. Meaning, do not go into debt.

Step 5: Who to work with

Out of all the steps, this is the most important one. Here you will be partnering with a designer and manufacturer that will transfer your ideas into a single physical symbol of your love. It is most reassuring when you know they will be able to execute your vision. Our recommendation is to not only read their reviews and testimonials but also visit their jewelry design house as here you will find information such as Insuring your ring and resizing it (which is totally normal).

These are our 5 simple Engagement ring shopping steps. This experience sounds overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We recommend leaving this once-in-a-lifetime ride to a reputable Jewelry Design and Manufacture House for the technicalities of making your masterpiece. See, you are now ready to propose. Remember, we are here to assist you at any step of finding your perfect engagement ring.

For more information, contact us today at (212) 575-5267 or visit our private Jewelry Design and Manufacture House at 62 West 45th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10036.